10 Haiwan dan Serangga yang paling kuat kat dunia!!

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10.Grizzly Bear
They are strongest mountain animal, can lift 0,8 times their body weight. Their weight is 1500 pounds and can lift until 1200 pounds. 

They can hold something two times their body weight. Their shell is very strong, compared to their small body size.

They can squeeze something same as their own body weight to death. Their weight can reach 550 pounds. 

They can pull and carry something 1,5 times their body weight across rugged terrain. Their weight is 1300 pounds and can pull and carry until 2000 pounds. 
They can carry something two times their own body weight up a ten foot fence. Their weight is 600 pounds and can carry until 1200 pounds. 
5. Eagle
They are the strongest bird. They can lift something four times their own body weight during flight. 

They can lift something over 10 times their body weight. Their weight is 450 pounds and can lift up to 4600 pounds. Mean, they can lift as heavy as 30 adult humans. 

3. Ant
They can lift something 50 times their own body weight. Imagine a person who can lift a truck. 

2. Elephant

1. Rhinoceros Beetle
They are not only the strongest insect but also the strongest animal compared to body weight. They can lift something 850 times their own weight. 

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